Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chapter 8 - The Last Chapter

Chapter 8 ~ Finally Home!
   Emilie jumped out of her bed and stared at her room. She was home! She couldn’t believe it! She was home! Emilie raced out of the room tripping over Katherine in her excitement.
   “Sorry Katherine!” She almost flew down the stairs in her excitement at being home. She skidded to a stop when she heard voices outside on the deck.  Emilie crept over to the door and peeked outside through the curtains. The door was opened enough to hear what they were saying.
   “Adrienne?” Matthew paced the deck in the peaceful morning air. Adrienne stood with her back to house, waiting patiently for him to say what he wanted to say. He turned towards her and burst out, “Adrienne I really like you; would you like to enter into a relationship with me?” Adrienne gasped and stared wide-eyed at him.
   Emilie gasped and almost fell over in her surprise. What?! You shouldn’t be seeing this, Em!
   “Go Matthew!” She whispered excitedly.
   “Do I?! Oh yes Matthew!!” Matthew’s face broke out into a huge grin and he picked Adrienne up in a hug and swung her about. Adrienne laughed and let her heart soar.

I hope you enjoyed reading my book. 

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